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General questions

All other questions about DGO :-)

  •  I received the email indicating that everyone needs to generate new recovery phrases.  Is this true or a scam? 

Yes, it is legitimate. Emails from decent.ch or decentgo.com are directly from us. If you cannot verify this or are unsure of the sender, avoid clicking on any links. You can simply try to log in as normal and you will automatically be prompted to generate one.

  • I've lost/replaced my phone and have lost my Google Authy. What should I do?

If you saved your Google Authy QR code or manual code offline, you can use the reconnect your new phone. If you did not save this info, your only option is to reset your DGO account login credentials with your recovery phrase. 

  • How do I recover my DGO account?

In case you have forgotten your account password, click on "Forgot Password?" from the Log In menu.

Next, you must insert your "Recovery Phrase", which you were recommended to generate when you created your account. 

You can also check your “Password Hint” if you created one when you signed up to DGO.

There is NO other way to Recover Your Account. 


  • How should I enable Two factor authenticator? 

1Log In to your account on DECENT GO 

2. Click on your email in the upper right of the page to view a drop down menu.

3. From the drop down menu select "Security Settings".

4. From here you can enable 2FA.

  • Am I eligible to receive bounties? 

You are eligible only if you participated in one of the bounty campaign. You will be contacted by our team if you were participant.