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Unlike older blockchain implementations, such as Bitcoin, DCore uses a technique called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) to achieve 'consensus'. Unlike the older Proof of Work model used by Bitcoin, DPoS, is faster, less energy intensive and Greener.

Every 24 hours, a fixed number of miners (also known as 'witnesses' in other DPoS implementations) are selected from those with the highest number of votes supporting them to create new blocks and validate transactions on the DCore blockchain. They are rewarded for this essential community work by the payment of transaction fees..

Every user account with a positive DCT balance can cast votes with the 'weight' of each vote being proportional to the number of DCT they hold. The more DCT you hold, the stronger your vote.

Find more details on our Documentation page: https://docs.decent.ch/VotingTools/DCoreVotingTool/index.html