FAQ: DGo End Of Life

Why are you discontinuing DGo?

We developed a brand new web wallet from scratch. It is secure and modern, compatible with the majority of today’s web browsers. The wallet provides an easy access to your current balance of DCT and other DCore assets, such as ALX and others.

What does it mean for me?

If you have a DGo account, you will no longer be able to log in to DGo after.

You will have to use the new DECENT Web Wallet instead. Mobile wallets will soon hit Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and you will be able to access and transfer DCT using these wallets.

Will I still have access to my DCT?

Most definitely! Just use DECENT Web Wallet and log in using one of the three methods. You can use your email address from DGo as an account name.

How do I access my DCT?

You can always access your DCT tokens using our DECENT Web Wallet or one of our mobile wallets. Please be reminded that you need to get your account credentials such as JSON wallet file, your account’s private key or brain key. It is not possible to use your email and password from DGo for logging in.

How do I log into DECENT Web Wallet?

DECENT Web Wallet uses different login credentials for account authorization. You can log in using one of the three ways:

Log in using an encrypted wallet file (.json)

Log in using an account name and private key

Log in using an account name and brain key

If you’ve used DGo before, entering your DGo username and password WILL NOT work. You will have to export your account credentials to be able to log in with your account – that means your private key, brain key or JSON wallet file in order to be able to log in to DECENT Web Wallet. Find out how to export your account credentials here (link na video).

What are the DGo account credentials?

Your DGo account contains the following login details: public key, private key, brain key and JSON wallet file, which you can export from your DGo account. It is very important to store them somewhere secure and secret. Do not give anyone access to them. Doing so may result in compromising your own funds.


What is a JSON wallet file?

JSON is simply a wallet file formatted in JSON format. The files serves as a database that contains user credentials – account name, public and private keys needed for the DECENT Web Wallet authorization/login. It stores essential cryptographic information that is used to conduct blockchain transactions. It is very important to keep this file secure, as anyone with access to your wallet can impersonate you and conduct transactions in your name. However, the JSON file is protected with another protection layer. When creating a wallet file, a password is required so that the keys can be encrypted to be stored in JSON format.

What is a brain key?

The brain key is a text mnemonic that can be used to regenerate your account's cryptographic keys, should you lose them. Treat it as securely as you would do with your private key.

Brain key example: "legator loser rhodic wob epact locked algate lulab upcreep mafflin thighed unglove ayu golpe dolina fogless"

How to export your credentials?

You can also follow our more detailed guide here

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Click on your account name in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on Security.
  4. Click on “Show” option next to Credentials.
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Your brain key (recovery phrase), private key and public key will be displayed.
  7. Copy them somewhere safe.
  8. To get your encrypted JSON wallet file click on “EXPORT WALLET FILE”.