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HowTo: Transfer DCT to Bittrex


This is a DECENT community powered HowTo, thanks to shu-iro.

You must first have both a Bittrex and a DECENT GO account. If you don’t:



*All ICO participants must first use https://icoreclaim.decentgo.com/ and then LOGIN to DECENT GO.

Step 1: Go to https://www.bittrex.com/Balance and click on the green arrow button to the left of the DECENT currency listing to make a deposit, you will see a Memo (ex:89dbbarutc6u4382923) and Registered Acct (ex:bittrex)


Step 2:  Log on https://www.decentgo.com/

  • Go to wallet (click on your email in the top right to see the drop-down link) and choose TRANSFER DCT.

  • Enter the correct amount of DCT (don’t forget the transaction fees is not included).

  • Copy the Memo from bittrex in the memo field and Registered Account in the username field.

  • Complete the transfer by clicking on transfer.