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A wallet is a digital place where you store DECENT coins for further action on DGO

  • Is DGO a web wallet?

Naturally DGO works as a web wallet. You will need to store your DCT here to power your transaction, cover the cost of publishing and received payments for seeding or mining. 

  • What is my wallet address? 

Your wallet address is your email you used for creation of DECENT GO. 

  • Where do I get DCT?

If you have Bitcoin already, you can change it to DCT on exchange as BittrexHitbtc and Bisq

  • What is encrypted alternate? 

Encrypted alternate is your encrypted wallet address. 

  • I can not see my balance on wallet, there is circle rotating...

Please try to clear the cache on your browser. If you can still not see the balance, please submit a ticket. Our dev team will need to look at it.