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Our new Web Wallet, simply going by the name DECENT Wallet has been developed and thoroughly tested not only by our own team but also by our miners and community members to ensure a fluid user experience. Some of the features are: 

  • A new responsive, modern and user-friendly UI design
  • Instant sending and receiving of tokens (running on DCore, with 2,000+ TPS)
  • Storing DCT as well as custom tokens (UIAs)
  • A simplified and secure wallet account creation process
  • Creating a custom wallet account name or generating one automatically
  • Paper wallet print-out option (with user account name, brain key, private and public key, and also a QR code)
  • Wallet file export for an easy login
  • Account keys regeneration
  • Real-time conversion rates to USD, EUR and GBP

The wallet is freely accessible to everyone who creates a DECENT Wallet account and also to our decentgo.com users - if you have an account on decentgo.com only, you can use your email to login to DECENT Wallet. 

You can find an easy step-by-step tutorial on our Documentation page here: https://docs.decent.ch/snippets/wallet/index.html