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How to create an account

** ICO Participants please view the ICO Reclaim Portal Instructional Guide for instructions on how to transfer your account. 

If you are not an ICO participant, please follow these steps:

1. Begin by visiting http://decentgo.com/

2. From there you will click on "Sign Up" (upper right of the page)

3. Enter your email and a password. Confirm your password by re-entering it and click "Sign Up"

4. An email will be sent to the address you entered. Open the email and follow those instructions to proceed with your account setup.

5. After clicking the link you received by email, you will be asked to "Generate a Recovery Phrase".  This phrase will be the ONLY way you can recover your account (including the contents of your wallet) in case you forget your password.  It is highly recommended to do this and save it in a secure and private place for your eyes only!

6. After saving your Recovery Phrase in a secure and private location, click "OK I HAVE SAVED MY PHRASE"

7. Now you may create a "Password Hint". This is to help you if you remember your password in case you forget it. This hint is available for reference at any time. Once you have created a password hint click "SAVE" 

8. Registration complete! Enter your email and password to enjoy all the features of DECENT GO!